Jack and Mairin Scroll Down


Jack and Mairin met through a mutual friend. They both almost DIDN’T go to Winterblast 2011 at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club but are so glad they did.

Jack put on the full court press immediately (which is not something he does-ever) & they officially started dating in February 2011.

Mairin spent the next three years giving Jack a hard time all the time-one of the many reasons he fell for her…kind of. It may also be because they both love Tigers baseball, traveling everywhere together (as long as it involves a winery tour) and everything green and white.

Despite these shared interests, these two are the definition of opposites attract! Jack is calm and Mairin is well, not. When Mairin’s making plans Jack’s busy wrecking them. And we’re not sure how their wedding pictures are going to turn out since it’s difficult to get them in the same frame.

But they do have one important thing in common; they love each other more than anything in the world. If you pay close attention to them, you can often find Jack signaling something to Mairin. He’s telling her that he loves her to the moon and back…twice. Spend a minute with these two and you’ll attest to that. So no one was surprised when Jack proposed to Mairin during one of their winery tour trips to Traverse City in December 2013.

Mairin planned a weekend away for the two of them to celebrate Jack’s birthday the 1st weekend in December. They were headed to Traverse City where they would stay in a local B&B and enjoy a private winery tour.

Their plans were almost derailed when Mairin was forced to schedule a doctor’s appointment for that Thursday that would leave her feeling pretty awful. Of course, Jack was by her side & even drove her home so she could see her parents. Little did Mairin know that Jack had another reason for making the trip to Saginaw. He woke up at 4:30 Friday morning to ask Mairin’s dad for his blessing to marry his little girl. Mac gave his blessing and Jack breathed a sigh of relief.

Upon arriving in Traverse City the couple enjoyed a full day of sight-seeing including dinner at Trattoria Stella that night. When their driver picked them up for their winery tour the next morning Jack explained that he was planning to propose in a moment alone with him.

Their second stop was Bluestone Winery & Jack really wanted to take a picture outside near the vineyard. Jack whispered how much he loved her before getting down on one knee to ask Mairin to spend the rest of her life with him. The best part? Their driver captured every moment on camera and continued to snap pictures the entire day.